A surreal rom-com from the mind of a 12-year-old girl

When Sarah Ramos was still a pre-teen, she wrote a script about a young woman who has a career, migraines, and a complicated love life. More than a decade later, she turned that script into a reality with Super Deluxe. 


Sarah Ramos

Nick Thorburn

Alia Shawkat

Dylan Gelula

Derrick Beckles

Derek Waters

Esther Povitsky

Kitten Kay Sera

Dan Byrd


Sarah Ramos (Parenthood) wrote this little sitcom in 2003, when she was 12. It’s a child’s imprecise idea of a snazzy premise — Casey owns a boutique called Not Too Shabby and, suffering from splitting headaches, meets a really cute doctor — but it’s performed by Ramos and other grown-ups with a slightly off-kilter sincerity that’s charmingly absurd.
— People Magazine

City Girl is pure genius.
— Bustle

It is incredible and I love it so much please watch it right now..
— The Hairpin

The creative rigors of City Girl and Super Deluxe’s investment in indie auteurs (besides Ramos, the show is also executive-produced by the Sundance-approved director of Ingrid Goes West, Matt Spicer) pays off so impressively that one cannot help recalling the period in 2013 when the behemoth streaming service launched its first truly daring blockbuster shows, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Whether City Girl will match the legacy of House of Cards remains to be seen, with a second season apparently left unwritten by 12-year-old Ramos. But Super Deluxe would be smart to assemble a writers’ room of imaginative teenage girls as soon as possible.
— Paste Magazine

The results are pretty amazing.
— AV Club

The series is so ‘from inside the mind of a 12-year-old girl’ it’s hilarious. The cast commits to performances worthy of a 12-year-old screenwriter, which just amplifies the ridiculousness of the young writer’s mind.
— Popdust

You know when internet is so perfect that it almost spoils it to say too much? This is one of those times.
— Junkee

The new greatest thing on the internet.
— Time Out


Alexandra Le Tellier